Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MTA Posters could be easier to read

It's the weekend, you're late to meet up with your friends and you run down the subway stairs only to be confronted with a poster covered in text. It takes valuable seconds to run through all of the information, to visualize a calendar in your head, to check what date it is, what time it is... meanwhile a train pulls in across the platform and you don't know whether you should take it!

I'd like to propose that we do away with most of the text that the MTA put on posters in favour of visual elements, after all - doesn't a picture tell a thousand words? I'd like to think that this type of poster would also be useful for those who don't speak English, since it should adequately explain the basic information without using words.

Here's an original poster from my line;

and here's an alternative version I propose;

Comments, improvements welcome!

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